Speech to Print (Linguistic) Phonics

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SSP Duck Hands, Lines and Numbers

Become a Learning Whisperer®

'Less Teaching, More Learning'

ICRWY Learning Whisperers 6-week 'Mapping' program
for 3 - 5-year-olds.
Rewiring Dyslexic Brains for Orthographic Learning
in the Early Years.

Neuroplasticity: the brain continues to create new neural pathways and alter existing ones in order to adapt to new experiences.
Learning Whisperers offer those new experiences, specifically designed for neurodivergent learners.

SSP I Can Read Without You app
I Can Read Without You Apps - Braintree Forest Learning Early Dyslexia Intervention
Embracing Neurodiversity - Celebrating and Supporting specific Learning Diferencesc
SSP I Can Read Without You app
SSP Spelling Piano Phonics app for ipads
The Reading Hut- I Can Read Without You (ICRWY) Project

Contact Miss Emma The Reading Whisperer®
Director of The Reading Hut. I Can Read Without You!
 Project Lead
Early Years Phonemic Awareness Screener PAS


Emma Hartnell-Baker BEd Hons. MA SEN.  Doctoral Student
Embracing Neurodiversity

Miss Emma, The Reading Whisperer
Braintree Forest Learning - ICRWY