A free 'speech-to-print' routine for students not yet decoding with fluency, who have poor written comprehension skills and/or weak spelling skills. Join the FB support group 'Orthographic Mapping'.

Use LinguaLit with one student, a group, or a whole class. Use text that is relevant to the students (that interests them, or is needed for homework/ class assignment etc). Because of the routine activities, they do not need to be able to independently read all the text.
It can be also used with children who are still in the 'learning to read' phase - developing a foundation of phonic knowledge - and you could use Code Level readers.

LinguaLit is most impactful with students in grades 2-7 as an All-In-One routine that includes all elements needed to read and spell, and with learners who have Specific Learning Differences. Training for tutors offering specialist support for learners who are neurodivergent starts in July. Training enables you to join a private group and receive ongoing support - Miss Emma will help you better understand your students and their individual needs. This is not a 'program' it is a Speech to Print Approach to teaching literacy skills that centres around differentiation. You won't follow lesson plans or a handbook - you will better understand 'orthographic mapping', what your child or students need, and guide them accordingly.
'Less teaching, more learning!'  

Request a 90-minute Zoom training session with Miss Emma for up to 5 participants at your school for AU$295 or  1:1 (eg if a parent or tutor) for $225

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